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Group Class 1 Teacher: 2 Students

Duration:9Weeks Program (LEVEL 1)

Physical Class 9 Days (Once a week) + Home assignments .


Suitable for Individual with Zero or little experience.


Class Timing:

Level 1

Session 1 - 10am to 1pm

Session 2 - 10am to 1pm

Session 3 - 10am to 1pm 

Session 4- 10am to 1pm

Session 5-10am to 1pm (Live Model)

Session 6 -10am to 1pm (Live Model)

Level 2

Session 7 -10am to 1pm

Session 8 -10am to 1pm (Live Model)

Session 9- 10am to 1pm (Live Model)


LEVEL 1 Course Outline:

Intro to Diff types of Lash Extensions

How to Conduct Professional Consultation

How to deal with allergy/sensitive eyes Contraindications

Health & Safety Practices

Setting up of work space Sanitizing

Equipment and tools

Self Care

Safety & Hygiene considerations

Understanding Lash products science

Usage of products

Understanding types of lashes, curl,length and thickness

Eye styling

Customised lash mapping

Step by step lash application

Correct usage of tweezer (left/right hander)

How to handle complains Aftercare advises

How to sell after care products to generate more income

Different tweezers for fast lash application Premade Application

Classic Lash Application

Different methods of Lash Removals

Lash Refills

Business Startup tips

How to get more client

How to generate more income

Creating portfolio

Homebased vs Lash Salon preparations

Legal Considerations

Lash Pricing and menu


Social Media Certification:Upon Successful Completion of Level 1, Attendee will be awarded Lash Institute Certification.


LEVEL 2 Course Outline:

Russian Volume Essentials

Lash Weight Calculation

Safe Russian Volume

Educator Speed Volume Wiggle Technique Exploring other fanning methods

Achieving Perfect Fan

Glue Dipping Ratio

Creating narrow, medium and wide fans Sectioning of Lashes

Understanding Advanced Mapping and curls Correcting T-Bar and Fat Bases

Solving criss-crossed Base Achieving Sharp Base Lash Wrapping

Products to enhance placement of Lashes



Student Benefits


Unlimited Support Via Whatsapp


Premium Starter Kit Provided for both Levels









Level 1 & 2 Promo Bundle (1 to 1 Training)

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