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Private 1 to 1

Timing: 10am to 1pm

1 Day course (conducted on Tues, Wednesday or Friday)

Model: Self Arrange 1 Model with no recent Lash Lift or Lash Extensions


-What is Lash Lift?

-Giju Korean Rapid Lash Lift System

-Different Eyeshapes and rod types

-Roots softening technique

-Differentiating different lash types

-Lash Lift tape taping methods

-5 steps Lash Lift Procedure (Treatments in between lash lift)

-Lash Tinting

-Lash Lift Styling


-Post Care for Lash Lift

Premium Student Kit

1) Giju Korean Lash Lift kit (designed for 25 paxs & more)

-25 x Step 1

-25 x Step 2

-1 x Glide Luxe Treatment Lash Lift Balm

2) Giju Lash Lift Brush Set (2 Brushes)

3) Pink Lemonade Roots Softening Rod

4) 1 x Lash Lift Rod Set

5) Lash Botox Treatment (1 Pair)

6) Korea Helucha Black Tint

7) Giju pH Balancer Lash Styling Gel

8) Nichiban Tape

9) Disposable Items

Korean Premium Lash Lift Course (1 to 1 Class)

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